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Rejuvenate your hair with low-acidic Belle Jouvence
Belle Jouvence - having a history of over 50 years - is a low-acidic beauty regimen focusing on the character and nature of the hair and the scalp.
Since its start, Belle Jouvence has been loved and trusted by many customers and beauticians, which not only gives your hair a beautiful look, but is a beauty regimen that contributes to benefit the body itself.
Belle Jouvence is highly recommended to people who have had unpleasant experiences with perms and hair colors in the past, or people who have sensitive skin.

Hair and Skin

Both the hair and skin are made of low-acidic amino acid-based protein.
Protein has the behavior of tightening when encountering higher acidity than itself. Belle Jouvence focused on this nature, and created a method of using a low-acidic lotion to tighten the hair and skin, resulting in shinier hair and bouncier skin.

Excretory organs

The human body has a function that excretes toxin through the pores. Belle Jouvence focuses on this point, and by using low-acidic lotion it changes the skin acidic, cleanses the pores, which as a result excretes more toxin from the body. Belle Jouvence
Shampoo to cleanse the clear the scalp and skin of any taint.
Dry hair, apply plenty of low-acidic esthe-lotion thoroughly on hair, cover hair with a plastic shampoo-hat to block out air for approximately 10 minutes.

The odor you notice when removing the cap is of toxin flowing out of the pores.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the belle circu-machine head massage and head shower (approx. 30 minutes).
Effective head massage continues by controlling the pH of the esthe-lotion to low-acidic, and washing away chemical solutions.
Toxin - especially metal waste - will flow out of the body through the pores, resulting in the lotion to turn murky.

By pumping ample fresh oxygen into your body, you will be lead to a plesasant sleepiness and into a dream world - the beauty of a head spa.

Rinse off and complete by adding hair nutrition. Your hair is now smooth, and both your body and soul are totally refreshed toxin free!

頭皮を弱酸性に保たせる事で、頭皮が健康になり美しい髪を作ると考えます。 通常のヘアダイ・パーマはアルカリ性である為、 ヘアダイした色が多少変色したり、パーマが取れる場合があります。 初めての方はスタッフとよくご相談下さいませ。

またヘアダイ・パーマによる損傷毛には Sh・Maエッセンスを加える方がより効果的です。 (約10分、追加料金 ¥1,050〜)



Belle Jouvence 一般社団法人 日本弱酸性美容協会

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