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Beautiful hair is born from a healthy scalp
Just like a huge tree depends on a healthy earth, your hair needs a healthy scalp.
Pamyrol starts with scalp care before the shampoo.
Focusing on the metabolism of the scalp, Pamyrol not only makes the hair you wear on your head healthy, but nourishes future hair that are yet to be born.
Pamyrol protects your hair from hair color or alkaline perm.

Composition:Pamyrol's efficacy is the result of a good composition

Pamyrol's uniqueness is a result of a complex composition that cannot be done by a single component.
By using the best natural ingredients blended in a special way, taking advantage of its natural effects, with the addition of a lot of creativity, all of this leads to the best results. Luxurious and gracious, we pride ourselves in standing where we are and are proud of our achievement.

Interfusion:Pamyrol's absorption theory "The skin thinks"

The skin is able to "think".
The message of a pleasant touch to your skin is passed on to the brain.
The brain sends a signal back to the skin to "absorb" the pleasantness, or the "active ingredients".
This is Pamyrol's absorption theory.

Metabolism:Pamyrol's development theme

There are about 60 trillion cells in our body. Of those, 300 million repeat metabolism every minute, and continue to be reborn, a true wonder of life. By extracting this natural power, Pamyrol successfully creates "natural beauty" beyond age or environment, and continues to develop quality products.

Hair Tonic … loosen the scalp and let it absorb

Prior to shampooing, genly press nozzle on head and apply hair tonic on dry scalp. Spread thoroughly.

We recommend using Acqua Verde Multiple Water prior to the hair tonic.

Shampoo … wash hair without removing moisture

① Like with the hair tonic, apply shampoo directly on dry scalp

② Wash scalp

③ Rinse off thoroughly

By repeatedly using the shampoo, the more foamier it will get. For beginners we recommend shampooing twice.

For Superior and Multiple Shampoo, wet hair prior to applying shampoo.

Conditioning and Treatment
    … condition your scalp, and handling your hair becomes easier

Take a moderate amount of conditioner and apply on scalp and hair. Using less makes your hair smooth, or using more makes your hair rich. Rinse off.

・Removes residual sebum and filth from healthy scalp
・Infiltrate active ingredients throughout entire scalp
 ↓ ↓ ↓
Hair growing from a healthy scalp is healthy and beautiful
Improve scalp and hair quality




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